"A place to flourish and achieve a sense of well being."

Professional Philosophy

Individuals encounter obstacles to feeling, thinking, and accomplishing what they wish in life. These impediments prevent people from reaching their potential.

My longstanding interest is to help individuals and families in removing the obstacles that keep them mired in repetitive behavioral and relational cycles.

My responsibility is to help you discover what it is that you want most and what is preventing you from attaining it. My role is that of a consultant and we will work as a team to remove whatever obstacles exist in order to allow you to lead a fuller and richer life.

My strength is my high ethical and professional standards, as well as, my commitment to my clients and my focus on each client as a whole person as I work from a holistic approach. I ensure a safe, confidential and supportive atmosphere in which to share concerns and to work together on issues and areas of difficulty. My approach to therapy is interactive and empathic. I believe that the relationship between therapist and client is what is most healing and helpful in therapy. I strive to create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere where difficult issues can be addressed. When people feel supported and understood, they are often more able to face challenges.

I also help clients become more aware of the obstacles which prevent them from leading more satisfying lives. Sometimes that may involve exploring past experiences and relationships or it may involve learning new coping skills. Together we will develop and maintain a wide range of resources and tools at your disposal.