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Third Party Reproduction

Dr. Cymet Lanski is available to work with individuals and couples involved in building a family through collaborative reproduction.

Psychological Evaluations:

Dr. Cymet Lanski provides psychological evaluation services to individuals and couples participating in collaborative reproduction. If you are using a donor or a gestational carrier, your clinic typically requests a psychological evaluation to assess the donor's or gestational carrier’s ability to participate in the process. Evaluations include both clinical interviews and psychological testing, including the MMPI-2. Written feedback is sent back to the referring clinic.

Your clinic usually also requires that you and your partner consult with a psychologist prior to proceeding. If a known person is volunteering to be your donor or gestational carrier, a joint meeting may also be required to make sure potential issues are discussed openly prior to moving forward.

Consultation Services:

Dr. Cymet Lanski also offers consultation services to intended parents building their families through egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, or surrogacy. Consultations can help intended parents clarify and understand the psychological issues involved in third party reproductions.