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Women’s Issues

As we move through different stages in our lives, we enjoy and cherish happy times as well as face challenges. In fact, many of the things that bring us great joy and fulfillment, such as close relationships, a promotion, having a baby, or buying a home, also can cause stress on our mental health. Changes in our physical health also affect our mental health. Changes in the body's hormone levels from pregnancy and childbirth, or from menopause, can cause depression, anxiety, irritability, and tearfulness.

We all feel worried, anxious or sad from time to time. But, there are times when we feel so overwhelmed that It is hard for us to function normally. Women suffer twice as often as men by most forms of depression and anxiety disorders and nine times as often by eating disorders. They are real illnesses that cannot be willed or wished away. You are not at fault if you feel this way, and you should not suffer in silence. Be patient with yourself and reach out to others for help. These difficulties can be treated successfully so that you can live a fuller and richer life.

In general, the therapeutic approach is eclectic, combining psychodynamic and behavioral techniques. The treatments strive to provide and help women achieve support and connection, interpersonal insights, relief from anxiety and depression, child rearing confidence and greater success in work.